Co-Founder, Social Innovation and Partnership Lead

A life-long learner who believes in a community lead problem-solving models. Practices the dialectical process of reflection and actions to solve complex problems. Loves cartooning and one day would love to author a Graphic Novel one day.


Co-Founder, Research and Project Lead

A teacher and a student of Governance. Passionate about education, environment and would imagine a world of love, truth, equality and freedom. A traveller and a yoga enthusiast.

Asra Fatima

Volunteer, Program Implementation and Project Management

Educator by profession, student at heart, loves to travel, enjoys Urdu poetry, believes in the power of dialogue rooted in love, respect and truth.

Ruhi Gidwani

Volunteer, Planning Structures

Artist, Teacher, Feminist, Student, Traveller and religiously following the religion of Love.


Volunteer - Technology and Fundraising

Being a operations person I am responsible for managing a team of people, which involves both the engagement and development.

Sathvik TAL

Full-stack Developer & Volunteer

My passion towards the technology always creates a path to something good, where I contribute a small part of my journey towards the society through this organization "Bharat Dekho"

MSD. Anuhya

Content Writer & Frontend Developer

I am accustomed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that's useful and effective, since my college days. As a volunteer I assist in stories of truth as content writer. "Stories of Truth" is a symbol of pride and a miniature representation of Bharatdekho.

K. Swetha Kumar

Content Writer and Data Analyst

I volunteer for Bharat Dekho as a content writer and data analyst. Also contributed to the early stages of web development. My love for reading books and being engrossed in stories made me contribute to "Stories of Truth".


Frontend Developer

I'm a part of social media team. I'm intended to publicize the stories of the people who have problems. I've also contributed to web development phase as a front end developer at the early stages.

D. Sri Lasya

Content Editor and Web Developer

I work as a content editor in Bharath dekho, which provided me an opportunity to know the stories of people and their struggles during pamdemic . Also worked for the initial stage of the website development.

G. Aditya Subash

Content Editor

As a part of editorial team, I understand the need for efficient communication and the requirement to always meet deadlines. I try to bring a diverse professional and intellectual background to my work.